Breaking the barrier between filmmakers and gear

Thanks for your patience while we sorted through all of your wonderful applications. We were pleasantly surprised to receive such a large number of applications so it's taken us an extra couple of days, but we're ready to announce the winners!

We're excited to be able to help filmmakers in Melbourne get their projects off the ground, and not only that, but to help lift the quality of their projects with professional lighting and grip gear at affordable prices.

Our aim with SAVAGE Sponsorships is to improve the quality of productions coming out of Melbourne and encourage more local filmmakers to get those projects off the ground and out into the world for others to see! We're all filmmakers at SAVAGE and to be able to help others with their projects is something we feel strongly about.


The following projects will be receiving free lighting and gripping gear to the value of $5000 plus 2 years platinum membership at SAVAGE Rentals

  • Another Time
    Producers: Michael Ciccone, Jim Wright
    Director: Nicholas Clifford
    Format: Short film
  • Twingers
    Producer: Hayley Adams
    Director: Kate Lefoe
    Format: Webseries
  • Sam's House
    Producer: Lucy Hayes
    Director: John Tummino
    Format: Short film

The following projects will be receiving 50% off all lighting and gripping gear plus 2 years gold membership at SAVAGE Rentals

  • Silence
    Producer: Issac Still
    Director: Dave Baggs
    Format: Short film
  • Disclosure
    Producer: Donna Hensler
    Director: Michael Bentham
    Format: Feature film
  • Shove
    Producer: Jack Power-Walters
    Directors: Josh Hine, Tenika Smith
    Format: Short film
  • The Opposite of Me
    Producer: Lee Galea
    Director: Lee Galea
    Format: Feature film
  • Sisters
    Producer: Octopod Films
    Directors: Chris Tomkins, Marisa Brown
    Format: Short film
  • The Line
    Producer: Rose Damon
    Director: Rose Damon
    Format: Short film
  • Junk
    Producer: Steven Tandy
    Director: Steven Tandy
    Format: Short film
  • Grasshoppers
    Producers: Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman, Winston Furlong
    Director: Winston Furlong
    Format: Feature film
  • Blocked
    Producer: Liam Heyen
    Director: Jamieson Pearce
    Format: Short film
  • Next Christmas
    Producer: Paul Andersen
    Director: Paul Andersen
    Format: Short film
  • St Bernie
    Producer: Janine Kaiser
    Director: Elise Tyson
    Format: Short film (35mm)
  • HomeBirth
    Producers: Pennie Brown, Nicolette Minster
    Director: Nicholas Colla
    Format: Feature film

The following projects will be receiving 20% off all lighting and gripping gear plus 2 years silver membership at SAVAGE Rentals

  • The Fate of Lions
    Producer: Tymon Langford
    Director: Tymon Langford
    Format: Feature film
  • Calendar Girls
    Producer: Amy Dellar
    Foramt: Webseries
  • A.M.
    Producer: Matt Connelly
    Director: Bryce Padovan
    Format: Short film
  • Joanna
    Producer: Cyril Meyer
    Format: Short film
  • Back to Goode
    Producer: Mainly Monday Productions
    Director: Lisa Habermann
    Format: Webseries
  • An Act of Love
    Producer: Nicole Conventry
    Director: Lucy Knox
    Format: Short film
  • Emphemeral Passing
    Producer: Katrina Cominos
    Director: Max Hiscock
    Format: Short film
  • Watch Out for Australians!
    Producer: Llewellyn Bates
    Director: Steven Arriagada
    Format: Short film
  • Dog Is Dead
    Producer: Tehya Nichols
    Director: Bonnie Moir
    Format: Short film
  • Aperture
    Producer: Will Ford
    Director: Luke Paramanathan
    Format: Feature film
  • Sons of Saturn
    Producer: Astrid Domiquez
    Director: Jack Rintoul
    Format: Short film
  • Incubator
    Producer: JP O'Brien
    Director: JP O'Brien
    Format: Short film

Congratulations to all our recipients - we will be in touch shortly to discuss the individual needs of your projects. If your entry wasn't selected in this round please don't be discouraged as SAVAGE Rentals will be running four sponsorships every year. To be the first to know about future sponsorships by SAVAGE Rentals simply subscribe to our mailing list: